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  • mumble 21:41 on 2015-01-14 Permalink | Reply

    FreeBSD on USB stick (UFS) 

    USB is da6:

    Create partitions:


    From a recent build (in /usr/src):

    Create fstab:


    Set root’s password and add a user:

    Create wpa_supplicant.conf for wireless auth:


  • mumble 21:25 on 2015-01-14 Permalink | Reply
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    Portsnap – start fresh 

    If you want to start fresh with a new portsnap fetched ports tree:


  • mumble 18:55 on 2015-01-11 Permalink | Reply
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    Firefox default font settings 

    I’ve messed up firefox once and had to search for the default settings:


    Default font: Times New Roman / Size: 16

    -> Advanced:

    Proportional: Serif / Size:16

    Serif: Times New Roman

    Sans-serif: Arial

    Monospace: Courier New / Size 13

    Minimum font size: None


  • mumble 14:17 on 2015-01-11 Permalink | Reply
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    Stable jail for poudriere-devel:

    RSA signing key for cryptographic verification of the repository. Optional.

    This information is largely from Glen Barber’s page

    Add this line to /usr/local/etc/poudriere.conf:

    On any system that uses the packages you should copy the /usr/local/etc/ssl/certs/pkg.cert file over and put it in the same place (DO NOT COPY THE pkg.key file) and add these lines to /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/myrepo.conf:

    Now the downloaded packages are verified that they have the correct cryptographic signatures before installation.

  • mumble 13:33 on 2015-01-11 Permalink | Reply
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    Mozilla plugins 


    • Xmarks
    • NoScript
    • WorldIP
    • All-in-One Gestures
    • CypherFox
    • Firebug
    • FoxyProxy Standard
    • IPvFox
    • lori (Life-of-request info)
    • Page Speed
    • ReloadEvery
    • User Agent Overrider
    • Yslow


    • Display mail user agent
    • Lightning
    • Provider for Google Calendar


  • mumble 23:28 on 2015-01-10 Permalink | Reply
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    Linux software raid 

    Create raid level 10 out of 10 disks, /dev/md0:
    -C create
    -v verbose
    -l10 raid level 10
    -n10 10 members

    View raid status:

    Save current md status:

    If you lost your raid array after reboot:

  • mumble 23:21 on 2015-01-10 Permalink | Reply
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    Linux package management 

    For CentOS, RedHat, Oracle Linux:

    RH, CentOS, Fedora (YUM) – Security

    Display available security updates:

    Get info on sec advisory:

    Install security updates only:


    Get the list of latest available pkgs:

    List the security updates:


  • mumble 23:11 on 2015-01-10 Permalink | Reply
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    Linux ISCSI initiator (Redhat/CentOS et co.) 

    Install needed utilities:

    Discover advertised targets:

    List known targets (nodes):

    Login to all nodes:

    List iscsi sessions:

    Create lvm:

    -l 100%FREE uses all available space:


  • mumble 23:04 on 2015-01-10 Permalink | Reply
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    FreeBSD switch SSID 

    Edit /etc/wpa_supplicant.
    Change priorities or add relevant SSID config.

    Destroy existing wlan interface:

    Check if wpa_supplicant was killed for this interface:

    Recreate wlan interface:

    Not needed if ifconfig_wlan0=”WPA DHCP” present in rc.conf:


  • mumble 22:38 on 2015-01-10 Permalink | Reply
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    FreeBSD iscsi on ZFS 

    Use disk partitions in case you will get disks with fewer sectors:

    Raidz pool:

    Create ZFS and lun:

    Configure target (FreeBSD 10) (see handbook):





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